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Heat Pumps

One may wonder how a Heat Pump actually differs from an Air Conditioner. Heat Pump systems are air conditioners in the summer; however, they are also heating units in the winter. The heat pump is equipped with a reversing valve in the compressor which differentiates it from an air conditioner. An air conditioner compresses a hot liquid into a cool gas for dehumidification purposes for cooling, and the Heat Pump does also; however, in the heating cycle a heat pump utilizes the reversing valve to do the opposite. The heat pump actually takes a cool gas and turns it into a hot liquid circulating the hot liquid across the evaporator coil to produce heat. This application will work until the temperature outside reaches approximately 37 degrees at this point the heat pump has an outdoor thermostat which sends a signal to the indoor thermostat for supplemental heat. The indoor air handler is equipped with auxiliary strip heat which will supplement the heat pump to provide the extra heat needed in order to keep the home nice and warm. The difference between gas heat and the heat from a heat pump is merely the temperature the heat is delivered. Gas heat is much hotter and therefore the body feels warmer to the touch. ADAMS offers a full line of heat pumps ranging from 13 to 19 SEER along with package Heat Pumps and Dual Fuel. To learn more please visit Trane’s Website.