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HVAC Accessories

WHOLE HOUSE ACCESSORIES : Improving System Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality

Air Scrubber

Kills mold and bacteria, not just in the air, but on the surfaces of your home. Helps reduce the spread of
viruses and relieves allergies.

Ceiling Saver EZ-Trap

Advanced sensor to monitor the water level in your A/C primary drain line and shut off the system before water
can leak out and possibly cause damage to your ceiling.

Honeywell Tru-Steam Humidifier

Prevents the interior of your home from drying out and provides a more consistent comfort during the winter months.

Media Air Cleaners

Provides superior filtration and removes much of the dust and pollen that passes through a standard air filter.

Multi-throw Registers

Engineered to quietly deliver maximum air flow and circulates the air to eliminate hot or cold spots in your home.

Odor Bloc

Absorbs odor from the air, not a cover up fragrance. This is placed in the return air stream and helps to
absorb odors from the passing air.

Emergency Pan Switch

Mounted in the emergency drain pan, this device shuts off the system before water can overflow and possibly
damage your ceiling.

Trane CleanEffects

Keeps your house free of pollens, dust, odors and bacteria. Proven to be up to 99.98% effective in removing
airborne particles.

Trane FreshEffects

An energy-efficient device to eliminate sour odors and improve your home’s indoor air quality.

UV Light

Kills common bacteria in your home and helps prevent it from growing inside the duct system.

Zerol Ice

Compressor lubricant that can help quiet your system and improve overall system efficiency.