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Increase Efficiency With Heat Pump Repair Charlotte

Professionals specializing in heat pump repair Charlotte provide valuable services.

Keeping these dual-purpose systems functioning optimally increases efficiency and lowers utility bills. These machines divert warmth from one location to another. They are used in both cooling and heating systems, including air conditioning, refrigeration, and central heating.

There are two main categories of these pumps. They include absorption and compression models. The compression models are always powered by electricity, and tend to be more energy-efficient. The absorption models can be powered by natural gas or electricity. Absorption models are recommended for regions which have higher fees for electricity and relatively lower fees for natural gas.

In residential and commercial buildings, a variety of sources are tapped to provide warmth. They include an air-source pumps which extract warm air from the outside. The air-air models transfer warm air to the indoors, and the air-water models transfer warmth to heating circuits and tanks of water. Exhaust air pumps extract warmth from a building’s exhaust, and require some form of mechanical ventilation.

Geothermal pumps extract warmth from water, rocks, or the ground. These models are similar to air-source pumps. The geothermal-air units also transfer warmth to indoor environments. Geothermal-water models conduct warmth to tanks of water and heating circuits.

Some common problems with these warmth-exchange systems include the following. Failure to provide warmth, icing over, not shutting off, blowing only hot or cold air, tripping a circuit breaker, making strange noises or not starting at all are indications of problems. It’s important to have these types of issues addressed immediately. Otherwise, abnormal amounts of energy may be consumed. In addition, malfunctioning components can lead to widespread damage throughout these intricate systems, and require replacement rather than repair.

Heat pump repair Charlotte technicians can provide valuable services. In addition to routine maintenance, they can fix faulty systems. Keeping these warmth-exchange units functioning at optimal levels helps to ensure peak performance, energy efficiency, and equipment longevity.