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Some Points To Remember About Your Home HVAC

A drafty house is not enjoyable living during any season of the year, not to mention that these conditions cause unnecessary expenses of electricity.

The exterior of a brand new house is usually free of gaps that cause drafts, but all buildings do settle over time. As a result, cracks occur and both heating and air conditioning are wasted. It is possible to maximize your home HVAC efficiency using these helpful tips.

If you want precise measurements concerning issues of unwanted cracks and air gaps, a team of professional technicians use equipment that includes a door mounted frame that conducts a blower-door test. Less accurate, but just as effective, is to seal off all visible signs of potential drafts and use a smudge or incense stick around potential openings watching for changes in the direction the smoke is pulled.

Keep in mind that all woods shrink with age. Even solid wood flooring eventually develops cracks between the boards that allow airflow. Insulated floors often need additional measures to update or replace the materials with more energy efficient products. Composite materials have much better insulating ability.

Attics are a known issue of energy loss because heat rises. During winter months, this area causes the greatest percentage of expense on utility bills. Most attics have insulation, but technology continues to advance in creating newer materials with higher R factors that significantly reduce heat loss. With as much as a 10-to-20 percent difference, the long-term investment to replace these materials is well worth the expense.

The type of doors and windows in any building create a high percentage of energy loss and expense on utility bills. Most homes still have single pane windows that offer little insulation from either heat or cold. Replacing these with improved models often result in as much as 40 percent savings of electricity for home HVAC systems. For more information about winterizing your home, do the research at helpful websites.